CAS008 - Crisis Training for School Counselors w/ Dr.  Julia Y. Porter
Airdate 2/23/2006

Contributing Editor:

Dr. Darren A. Wozny is an assistant professor of counselor education at the Mississippi State University-Meridian Campus. Dr. Wozny received his doctorate in human development and family studies with specialization in marriage and family therapy from Iowa State University in 2002, and his masters in counselor education/marriage and family therapy from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Dr. Wozny’s research area is suicide prevention/intervention and currently teaches developmental counseling, ethics, research methods, family counseling theories, and cultural foundations courses.


Dr. Julia Y. Porter is an assistant professor of counselor education at Mississippi State University-Meridian Campus. Dr. Porter received her Ph.D. in educational leadership and research with an emphasis in college counseling from Louisiana State University. Dr. Porter is trained in crisis management. Dr. Porter has clinical experience as a crisis line volunteer and has over 15 years clinical and administrative experience in college and career counseling centers.

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