CAS016 - Understanding Clients with Pagan Beliefs w/ Mr. Dick Moons
Airdate 4/20/2006

Contributing Editor:

Jennifer K. Gilmore, LMFT, LPC - Received her EdS degree from the University of South Carolina with a focus in Marriage and Family Therapy. She currently coordinates the Children & Adolescent program and the Trauma Program for the department of Pastoral counseling at Palmetto Health Hospital. She has returned to U.S.C. to pursue her PhD in Counselor Education where she continues to explore her scholarly interests in trauma work and the role of spirituality in counseling. She is currently serving her second year on the South Carolina Board for Marriage and Family Therapists.


Dick Moons is a founding member of the Columbia, South Carolina area chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (C.U.U.P.s). CUUPs is an organization dedicated to promoting the practice and understanding of Pagan and Earth-Centered Spirituality within the Unitarian Universalist Association (U.U.A.). Goals include; educating people about Paganism, promoting interfaith dialogue, developing Pagan liturgies and theologies, and enabling networking among Pagans.

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Jaime Beauchamp - "Memorial Day" obtained from the Podsafe Music Network - Link to music

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