CAS017 - Reflections on the American School Counselor Association w/ Ms. Barbara Blackburn, ASCA President
Airdate 4/27/2006

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Jeffrey Freiden is a Licensed Professional Counselor and practices at Children’s Counseling Resource in Memphis Tennessee. He is OSHA certified in Critical Incident Stress management and is a National Certified School Counselor working as a school counselor at Kingsbury High school in Memphis. He is also an adjunct professor at The University of Memphis in the department of Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Research where he teaches Crisis Intervention Strategies. He is also a Board member of the American Counseling Association Southern Region and is past President of the Tennessee Counseling Association. Email him at 


Barbara Brady Blackburn is President of the American School Counselors Association. She served as ASCA’s Secondary Vice-President (2002-04). She has been a practicing high school counselor for 20 years in West Virginia. Barbara has held various leadership positions in the West Virginia School Counselor Association including President. She was named West Virginia Counselor of the Year in 2002.  Barbara continues as WVSCA Government Relations Chair. Her leadership resulted in passing state code and policy that redefined the role of the school counselor in WV requiring every school counseling program to use ASCA’s National Model as a foundation. This policy mandates that school counseling only perform duties related to designing and delivering their school counseling program. She is co-author of a state resource manual that supports these programs. She is a state model trainer for the state department of education. Barbara serves on various advisory/leadership teams and presents nationally on legislative advocacy and organizational leadership. Barbara has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marshall University and a Master of Arts degree in School Counseling from West Virginia University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

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