CAS020 - Consultation: Creating School-Based Interventions w/ Dr Don Dinkmeyer Jr. - Airdate 5/18/2006

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Dr. Tammy Shaffer is an Assistant Professor at Western Kentucky University. Her scholarly interests include studying the emotional response of emergency care responders. Her other research/practice interests include serious mental illness counselor supervision.  She is a Certified Disaster Mental Health Counselor with the American Red Cross, and is also the Family Counseling Clinic director at the innovative Clinical Education Complex, an innovative partnership between the community and Western Kentucky University. The CEC houses 5 clinics, and strives to become known for their service and research agenda. Dr. Shaffer is on the editorial board of the Kentucky Counseling Association Journal, winner of the ACA awards for state journals 5 of the past 6 years.  Dr. Shaffer is a transplanted Texan, having moved to Kentucky to join WKU. She obtained her Ed.D. in Counselor Education at Texas southern University.


Dr. Don Dinkmeyer Jr. is a Professor in the Graduate College at Western Kentucky University. He holds the LPPC and NCC counseling credentials. Don is past president of the North American Society of Adlerian Psychology, author and co-author of 32 books, articles, and educational programs such as STEP and STET. The third edition of Consultation: Creating School-Based Interventions (2006, Routledge) with Jon Carlson is the topic of this podcast.


Dinkmeyer Jr., Don & Carlson, J. (2006). Consultation: Creating School-Based Interventions, 3rd Ed. New York: Routledge

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