CAS023 - Remediation and Dismissal of a Counseling Student w/ Dr.  Rip McAdams- Airdate 6/8/2006

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Christopher D. Schmidt has recently completed his second year in the doctoral program in counselor education at the College of William and Mary.  He has previously worked as a family and individual counselor, school counselor, outdoor educator, and secondary school teacher.  Present research interests include home-based family counseling, the teaching and learning of reflection for practice, and moral development in education.


Dr. Rip McAdams is an Associate Professor in Counselor Education at The College of William and Mary.  He holds the LPC, LMFT, NCC, and NBCC-ACS credentials, teaches numerous graduate courses, is currently on the Virginia Board of Professional Counselors, and has numerous publications related to counselors working with difficult populations (i.e. suicide, crisis, violence, and aggression).

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