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Transcultural Counseling w/ Dr. John McFadden
Bilingual Counseling w/ Dr. Clarrice Rapisarda
Counseling with Native American/Alaskan Natives w/ Dr. John J. Peregoy
Training and Process Issues in Clinical Supervision w/ Dr. Michael L. Baltimore
Ecosystemic Crisis Management: Strategies for the Future w/ Dr. Richard James
International Initiatives in Counseling: Connections to a Global Society w/ Dr. Lemuel W. Watson
Bullying: Intervention Strategies for the Victim and Bully w/ Dr. Walter B. Roberts
Crisis Training for School Counselors w/ Dr. Julia Y. Porter
An Historical Perspective on the field of Mental Health Counseling w/ Dr. James Messina
CACREP and the CACREP Standards Revision Process w/ Dr. Jack Culbreth
Ethical Issues in Rural Counseling w/ Dr. Rex D. Filer
Grief Counseling w/ Dr. Jane Bissler
University Counseling Centers w/ Dr. Jason L. Miller
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Reflections on the American Counseling Association w/ Mr. Richard Yep, Executive Director
Understanding Clients with Pagan Beliefs w/ Mr. Dick Moons
Reflections on the American School Counselor Association w/ Ms. Barbara Blackburn, ASCA President
At-risk Youth and Home-based Treatment w/ Ms. Mary Beth Towell, LPCC
Inclusivity in Multicultural Counseling w/ Dr. Walter Breaux III
Consultation: Creating School-Based Interventions w/ Dr Don Dinkmeyer Jr.
Online Counselor Education w/ Dr. Mark Manzanares
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy w/ Dr. Dan Rose
Remediation and Dismissal of a Counseling Student w/ Dr. Rip McAdams
Counseling a Client with Multiple Sclerosis w/ Dr. Phillip Rumrill
Employee Assistance Counseling w/ Maureen O'Donnell
Narrative Therapy w/ Dr. Donald Bubenzer
Counseling Men w/ Dr. Jeffrey Smith
Professional Writing and Creativity w/ Dr. Sam Gladding
Custody Evaluation Interviewing w/ Dr. Stephen Guinta
Career Counseling Services in Turkey w/ M. Fulya Kurter
Self-Concept Development Model w/ Dr. Tommie Radd
Addressing Suicidal Clients w/ Dr. Jason McGlothlin
The Continuum of Care in Treatment of Adolescents w/ Dennis G. Vollmer, MHD, PLMHP
Creating a GLBT Supportive School w/ Dr. Steve Rainey
Reasons Counselors Use Assessments w/ Dr. Rich Lambert
Mediation: Principles and Practices w/ Jacqueline N. Font - Guzmán, M.H.A., J.D.
Including Wellness in Counseling w/ Dr. Paul Granello
Elder Issues w/ Ms. Patty Shirmbeck
Development of Theoretical Orientation and Use of Theories w/ Drs. Walter Breaux, III and Michael L. Baltimore
Cuban / Floridian Response to Hurricane Stress w/ Dr. Edward E. Moody
School Re-entry of Acquired Spinal Cord Injury Patients w/ Ms. Jacqueline M. Stanton, LPC, CRC
Counseling clients with HIV/AIDS w/ Dr. Paula Britton
Forensic interviewing in child sexual abuse cases w/ Dr. Sacky Holdiness
Becoming a Forensic Evaluator w/ Dr. Agatha Parks-Savage
School Counseling Peer Supervision with Reflective Teams w/ Dr. Tarrell Portman
Professional Identity in Counseling w/ Dr. Cynthia Osborn
Integrating Nutrition and Exercise with School Counseling w/ Dr. Verna Oliva-Flemming
The Person Centered Approach in Counseling w/ Dr. Wade Hannon
Counseling Veterans with PTSD w/ Dr. Gwendolyn Newsome
Work Success and Work Adjustment w/ Dr. Larry D. Burlew
Counselors Address Holiday Stress w/ Dr. Pat Haines and Pat Tabbara, M.Ed.
Preparing for a Flu Pandemic w/ Dave Bentz
Creativity in Counselor Education w/ Dr. Geoffrey G. Yager
Spirituality in Counseling w/ Dr. Tracey E. Robert
Non-Linear Supervision Using Innovative Technology w/Dr. Claire J. Dandeneau & Dr. Lorraine J. Guth
Working with Children in Family Therapy
Therapeutic Horseback Riding w/ staff of Pegasus Farm
Black Male Authenticity w/ Dr. Cyrus M. Ellis
Adolescent Depression w/ Dr. John McCarthy
Triadic Supervision w/ Drs. Lenoir Gillam and Michael L. Baltimore
Middle School Counseling w/ Karen Konopik-Bishop, MS
Child-centered Play Therapy w/ Dr. Phyllis Post
Digital Music in Mental Health Services w/ David Palomo, M.A.
Teaching Group Work w/ Dr Betsy J. Page
Counseling from a Bahamian Perspective w/ Mr. Vicente Roberts, M.A
Clinical Hypnosis w/ Dr. Chris Faiver
Counseling the Gifted Child w/ Dr. Jean Peterson
Grief Counseling and Crisis Response w/ Dr. Peggy Whiting
Stress Management w/ Dr. Robert C. Nielsen - Airdate 4/26/2007
The School Counselor and Accountability w/ Dr. Larry C. Loesch
The Center for Counselor Training and Services w/Dr. John McCarthy
Sports Counseling w/Dr. Taunya Tinsley
Self-help Reading w/ Dr. Laura Bruneau
Forgiveness in Counseling w/ Dr. Nancy Taylor
The Practice of Clinical Hypnosis w/ Dr. Dwaine Rice
Priests and Sexuality: Information and Implications for Counselors w/ Dr. Fr. Jocelyn Gregoire
The School Counselor and Occupational Therapy w/ Dr. Teresa Leibforth, Ed.S, OTR/L
Love and Logic w/ Foster Cline, MD
Hurricane Katrina and School Counseling Services w/ Mr. Michael Barocco, M.Ed.
Basic Counseling Skills for School Administrators w/ Dr. Tom Hackett
Update on CACREP and the Revised Standards w/ Dr. Jack Culbreth
Elementary School Counseling and the Developmental Approach w/ Dr. Robert D. Myrick
Adolescent Chemical Dependence w/ Dr. Bradford Price
Chemical Dependence Assessment w/ Dr. Andrew Burck
Understanding Dreams: A Window into How We Think w/ Dr. Dan Rose
Applications of Second Life to Education and Counselor Training w/ Dr. James Lenze and Lloyd Onyett, M.A.
Through the eyes of a child: Working with children and students in poverty w/ Dr. Mary Graham
Behavior therapy with children w/ Dr. Lynn Clark
Dr. Bob Barret - Counselor, counselor educator, father, grandfather, and gay man w/ Sarah Moore and Dr. Clarrice Rapisarda
Response To Intervention model for working with school success w/ Dr. Katharine S. Adams